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Banking Sector

CCTV help the banks to keep records in more than one branch. This allows the bank personnel to determine what is going on with all of their locations and ensure their establishments are safe and secure.

Education Institute

The use of CCTV in schools is becoming increasingly popular, and not just as a security measure. Whilst any sort of recording medium must be approached sensitively in an educational environment where children are involved, the benefits are being enjoyed by establishments in many ways. CCTV to Protect School Grounds CCTV for Staff Protection


CCTV cameras and surveillance systems have gained popularity and importance in the hotel industry that runs on continuously, CCTV surveillance goes a long way in ensuring a safe and secure atmosphere for the hotel guests and staff. In the recent years, there has been an increase in the number of hotels adopting technology to improve their efficiency and a better experience for guests.

Shoping & Retail

The fact that CCTV cameras are in the shopping mall gives customers the assurance that everyone is observed to avoid robbers. Remote monitoring of a place: If you're far from a shopping mall, you can monitor activities happening inside the mall using CCTV cameras.

City Public Area

We should have surveillance cameras in public places because they ensure public safety. ... Through surveillance cameras, the police can both prevent crimes from happening and can quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence. In addition, surveillance cameras protect against property theft, and vandalism.

Law Inforcement

CCTV is designed to help prevent and detect crime. It can reassure the public about community safety. It is located in public places to: provide evidence to relevant enforcement agencies.


The benefits of transportation video surveillance are as follows: Helps prevent crime and deter criminals. Prevents vandalism. Creates safer environment for passengers.

Real Estate

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) monitoring is essential in ensuring the security of a property. Having CCTV cameras or even signs that warn about CCTV monitoring in visible places prevents vandalism and burglary. CCTV monitoring can also improve the safety of the people working in the premises.

Telecom & Media

CCTV systems are primarily used for security, monitoring and surveillance purposes. In terms of security, CCTV can be used to monitor both public and property security. For monitoring and surveillance purposes, CCTV can be used to investigate or prevent crime.

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The Access Control System is an electronic system which utilises electronic keys (the tags) to release door locks. The tag, which can be carried by the user on their key ring, is presented in the Proximity of a reader, located adjacent to a door and communicates with that reader utilising encoded radio waves.
There is no need for any contact between the Tag and the Reader. Once a tag is recognised by the reader, if it is authorised on that door, a signal is transmitted to release an electrically managed the door lock.

Each tag has a unique number stored on an electronic chip encased in plastic. There is no power source (battery) within the tag.

The reader is basically an antenna which is hard wired to a control unit.

The reader on the door is powered, via the control unit. It emits radio waves via its antenna.



An alarm system alerts you when the property is unattended and invaded by thieves. These smart, easy to learn devices notify you when intruders attack your property while you are away or sleeping. Like any other security systems, alarm security systems also have a set of pros and cons. Below are various advantages and disadvantages of installing them on your residential or commercial site.

Advantages of Alarm Security Systems

Constant Protection

Appointing security guards or personally being there to protect the property 24/7 is practically not possible. These security systems provide round-the-clock protection against burglars and break-ins.

Strong Deterrent

Homes and commercial properties that have burglar alarm systems installed are at a lesser risk of being targeted by intruders and burglars. When infiltrators find out that you have an alarm system installed, they are persuaded to move away from your property. Even if they are not aware of its presence, the alarming sound will scare them off.

Uninterrupted Functionality

There are two types of alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems work on batteries and not electricity. Which means they are effective during power-cuts as well. Hardwired systems do not use batteries and consume electricity from the source. So, there is no need of regular battery charging or replacement.

Can Relocate

The alarm system devices can be disconnected and installed at different places. It is easy to relocate both, wireless as well has wired alarm security systems.

What are Record Movements?
Record Movement in cameras that are capable of detecting motion. The detection is basically activated by the process of comparing sequential images and determining whether the difference between them represent motion. If there are significant differences between two consecutive images, the cameras will “conclude” that there has been motion within the monitored area.
With this feature, the user can configure a chain of events such as triggering the recording and sending out email alerts, once the camera determined motion/movement in the area of surveillance. 
Some key benefits of using motion detection cameras:
Speed up the process of post investigation
With the help of motion detection camera, you can configure the system to only record footages when there are movements detected. This will help reduce the time spend reviewing footages as recordings only include the time frames when events happen.
Increase recording period
With the help of motion detection recording, you will be able to prolong the recording period on your recorder. This is because recordings are only done so when there are movements and not continuously 24 by 7. This is one of the key reasons why many clients are looking at motion detection camera.
Enhances Security
With the motion detection feature, you will be able to configure email alerts if motions are detected in the pre-determined restricted area. This will provide you with notifications when the cameras detect movements, taking a more proactive approach when guarding your property. Furthermore, integration of motion detection cameras with third party equipment is also feasible. We have done projects such as configuring both audio and visual alerts once the camera detect motion in the pre-determined zone.

Retail Video Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data, from video content, and applying those patterns towards effective decision making. Today retail video analytics has gone beyond the traditional domain of security and loss prevention by providing retailers insightful business intelligence such as store traffic statistics and queue data. Also, retailers use this data to assess in-store promotional strategies and measure the performance of aisle and product placements.


Retail Video Analytics software is a result of computer vision technology. The software can count people and create heat maps to show which parts of the store generate the most foot traffic (and which areas are being ignored). This allows retail managers to create a better store layout and determine which times of day are the busiest for scheduling purposes.

IP surveillance has long since graduated to a mainstream technology in the security industry – but if you’re still sitting on the fence as to whether or not it’s right for your application, the following list of IP surveillance benefits may help you to decide:

Improved Performance– Today’s IP cameras have significantly improved performance over earlier models thanks to breakthrough imaging technologies. High performance features such as advanced digital signal processing, optical zoom lenses, wide dynamic range, on-board analytics and auto image stabilizers provide more options to help security professionals meet their specific surveillance needs more efficiently.

In addition, the high resolution of megapixel cameras affords coverage of a larger area with fewer cameras, while the forensic zooming capability of megapixel cameras can reduce the need for traditional pan/tilt/zoom appliances. The detailed images are available in live or archived format at any time to any point along the network. This enables more and better identification of individuals and events to help deter, detect and prosecute in the case of an incident.

With video verification capabilities, businesses can reap the following benefits:

  1. Ensure police and/or fire departments are dispatched to a “real” alarm.
  2. Prevent the assessment of heavy fines for false alarms.
  3. Prevent being on the “suspended” list for police or fire response.
  4. First responders typically respond quicker when they know an alarm has been verified. This may help limit the losses incurred by unwanted incidents.
  5. Use as evidence for a legal case or proof of claim for an insurance report.
  6. Protect employees, customers and property using the best technology available. 

False alarms may often seem like no big deal, but there can be several dire consequences of false alarms. Police officers and firefighters can be diverted from real emergencies that may be occurring at the same time. False alarms can lead to unnecessary loss of man hours and wrongful use of taxpayer dollars. Though indicative of no real crisis, false alarms can result in injury and death to responders. Thirty firefighters have been killed responding to false alarms in one recent year alone. It has been reported that repeated false alarms have led to people not taking quick action. Victims think the sounding alarm is just another false alarm and thus ignore real alarms. This erroneous perception undermines reaction time to begin evacuation and can result in injury and death that could have been prevented. False alarms can be stopped.

By investing in the deployment of a comprehensive cloud monitoring platform, most of the challenges outlined above are addressed. The platform will be capable of monitoring both cloud and legacy infrastructure. With regard to the first challenge, that of deciding which applications are cloud ready, results gained from monitoring could form the backbone of a usage case study. Ultimately proving whether an application running upon monolithic infrastructure is a good cloud candidate.

The challenge of proper, dynamic resource allocation is also easy to overcome if a full monitoring platform is in place. Real-time monitoring, allows the business to receive a 360-degree view of its resource usage. This data can be used to tune resource budgets, and ultimately, lower cost of ownership.

When it comes to managing hybrid cloud applications, a fully functional monitoring platform is the only workable way to solve this problem. The only other option is to manually collate disconnected sources of both cloud and legacy performance data. This of course, is a time consuming task.

Further Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

In the sections above, we introduced several challenges that companies face when moving to the cloud, and how monitoring can overcome them. However, a full cloud monitoring platform brings many other benefits, including:

  • Greater levels of application and network security
  • Simpler implementation of business continuity plans, and the ability to begin proactively tackling risk mitigation
  • The ability to reach and maintain peak application performance
  • Improved service availability due to more rapid reporting of issues, leading to faster resolution

In the area of electronic security, access control systems have an essential demand when it comes to generating value to your company or residential complex, as it is a practical resource when preventing, controlling and stopping access to physical and logical resources.
Regarding electronic security, they are an automated system that through reading or identification allows the authorization, entry, access or restriction of a user to a specific area.
The access controls are a practical security solution that can be used at all corporate levels. However, note that it is also across the solution that can be correctly applied to different niche or market segments: corporate buildings, government buildings, educational complexes, industrial facilities and all types of residential and commercial horizontal property. Of course, the complexity of the system for each sector will depend on the needs and requirements of each market.

The access controls are classified into three types:

  • Autonomous access control systems
  • Autonomous Convertible access control systems
  • Network access control systems

Mobile security, or more specifically mobile device security, has become increasingly important in mobile computing. Of particular concern is the security of personal and business information now stored on smartphones.

More and more users and businesses use smartphones to communicate, but also to plan and organize their users’ work and also private life. Within companies, these technologies are causing profound changes in the organization of information systems and therefore they have become the source of new risks. Indeed, smartphones collect and compile an increasing amount of sensitive information to which access must be controlled to protect the privacy of the user and the intellectual property of the company.

All smartphones, as computers, are preferred targets of attacks. These attacks exploit weaknesses inherent in smartphones that can come from the communication mode—like Short Message Service (SMS, aka text messaging), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM, the de facto global standard for mobile communications. There are also exploits that target software vulnerabilities in the browser or operating system. And some malicious software relies on the weak knowledge of an average user.

Security countermeasures are being developed and applied to smartphones, from security in different layers of software to the dissemination of information to end users. There are good practices to be observed at all levels, from design to use, through the development of operating systems, software layers, and downloadable apps.

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